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On behalf of the MFFA Benevolent Fund and our WFI comittee we would like to thank everyone who joined the team, donated to the cause and bought T-shirts throughout the campaign to support our Movember initiative. With your help our team was able to raise $9,632! 




Total Raised!

With your support The Pink Truck Tour 2022 surpassed all previous totals and set a new record. This year’s campaign raised a whopping $90,754.63 which is donated to Trillium Health Partners (Trillium, Queensway, and Credit Valley Hospital). The funds will help fund Cancer programs that treat all types of cancers and help patients get the treatment they need.


Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt, sweater, hat or contributed their time or assisted the campaign in any way. A special thank you to the staff at Station 103 and supporting staff, your dedication to this campaign has played a pivotal role in the funds raised. It was a team effort and one that couldn’t have been accomplished without the drive of our dedicated Pink Committee – Roger Pardy, Todd Bedard, Sudhir Misra, Steve Marshall, Kathleen Cymek (Trillium), Deloan  D’sa (Trillium), Tooba Nasir (Trillium) and myself.


Thank you to Fire Chief Deryn Rizzi who has been behind this program 100% and the cooperation of the senior staff (Deputy Chiefs, PC’s  and DC’s) was vital in making this program run as smooth as it did. Lastly, to our sponsors and donors, this campaign would not be where it is today without them and we LOUDLY and PROUDLY thank them!!!!


Thanks to you all!!!!!


Signing off until next year’s campaign…..


Bryan Doucette

Committee Chair

Mississauga Fire Fighters Pink Truck Tour