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1212 Benevolent Fund's


Hope For Kids 

Thank you to our contributors and sponsors


Hope For Kids

The goal of the fundraiser is to purchase items in need for the kids at the Hospital for Sick Kids and the Credit Valley Pediatric Oncology Unit. These items will help kids get through the most trying times of their lives and their families lives. By helping the mental well being of the kids and their families, we hope to impact them in a positive way to help them heal from their physical ordeals and improve the outcome of their hospital stays.

100% of your donation will go towards purchasing these items on hospitals wish lists and raffle is officially endorsed by the Hospitals for Sick Kids and Credit Valley Pediatric Oncology Unit

Thank you for your support of the Hope For Kids Raffle!


1 FOR $5.00

3 FOR $10.00

10 FOR $20.00

35 FOR $50.00

100 FOR $100.00

Each ticket offers you a chance to win one of our many raffle items generously donated by our sponsors and supporters. Just add a ticket for any item, and the total price will automatically adjust.

Draw Date: May 16th at 9:00am

Raffle Items

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